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People work with me for a variety of reasons, including: anxiety and depression, loneliness and isolation, work stress, shame and guilt, queer sexuality and identity, as well as healing from trauma, including childhood experiences.


People often seek individual therapy in order to grow and find greater happiness  in their lives. Counseling is a unique opportunity to build a trusting relationship with someone who sees us without judgment. My hope is that my clients find their work with me provocative and engaging. Ultimately, individual therapy is aimed at personal growth and an expansion of self-compassion.


I work with families as they navigate the  multiple stresses bearing down on them. I help partners better understand the terrain of their relationship as well as build connection and intimacy. I am particularly interested in helping parents and children resolve conflicts and come to a deeper appreciation for their impact on one another. I work with all kinds of families at all different periods of their lives.


Group therapy and mutual support offer  opportunities to build community and decrease isolation. Group members have different identities and worldviews, but they share a deep commitment to growth and helping others do the same. Group therapy can be transformative and provide a real opportunity to be vulnerable with others, to receive care,  and to support others in their journeys.

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