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Supportive Materials



The Mindful Way through Depression
Practical advice and easy to implement exercises.


A meditation app designed for and by BIPOC meditators.


A vast repository of talks by meditation teachers, including guided meditations.

Seattle Insight Meditation Society

A local meditation center with beginner and advanced classes.

Spirit Rock

A meditation and retreat center in Northern California with online programs.


The Body Keeps the Score

A very influential book about the impact - and treatments for - trauma and toxic stress.

Therapy for Black Girls

A thoughtful podcast that addresses racial trauma and its impact on wellbeing.

National Alliance on Mental Health

This website provides background on post-traumatic stress disorder and useful resources.


A robust website with links to resources and materials for sexual trauma survivors.

The Hotline

Self-care tips and resources for people who have experienced interpersonal trauma.



Hold Me Tight and Sue Johnson

Useful guidance on building and maintaining connection in relationships.

LGBTQIA Resource Center

A website with materials and a directory to multiple resource centers.

Tara Brach

Mindfulness and meditation supports from a popular teacher focused on relationships.

Incredible Years

Online materials and programming for families with young children.

The Power of Vulnerability

By Brené Brown whose TED talk on vulnerability is among the most viewed.

Resources: Resources
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